Outreach and technical assistance is provided to teachers and students, school districts, consortium of schools, youth organizations, and associations interested in Youth Entrepreneurship. These sessions are FREE and can be scheduled in person or virtually through our office at: 1-701-242-7744 or 1-855-434-5437. 

Standards and Benchmarks

Our standards and benchmarks identify how our program aligns with educational outcomes at both the North Dakota state and Federal levels.

This document was produced in conjunction with the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education and the North Dakota Department of Public IOnstruction.

Download Standards & Benchmarks (PDF File – Updated 2023)

Learning Guide

The Project Learning Guide encourages students to stretch their thinking in more creative, divergent ways to solve problems, and create new ideas. By providing hands-on and experiential learning opportunities, the Learning Guide helps foster a lifelong learning mentality. Entrepreneurial skills will begin to grow at the elementary school level and continue into adulthood.

Many of the activities in this Guide give the students opportunities for brainstorming. This is simply a way to accomplish divergent thinking (coming up with many possibilities) rather than convergent thinking (finding the one right

Download the Full Version of the Learning Guide – 22

Teacher Guidelines
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