About Marketplace for Kids
Marketplace of Ideas/Marketplace for Kids, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization designed to ignite the spirit of innovation in students. The first Education Day was held in 1995. In 2017, we served over 9,000 students, educators, and parents across the region.

Marketplace for Kids was developed in 1995 by K-6 teachers from North Dakota and Minnesota. The concept was developed from the belief that students needed a program allowing them to learn about innovation, problem solving, creativity, and to provide them an open forum to showcase their innovative ideas. It was a forerunner to what is now known as project-based learning (PBL).

Marketplace for Kids is governed by a non-compensated Board of Directors consisting of educators, community members, and business leaders. We rely on the support of Advisory Leadership Teams made up local community members in each region we serve, as well as countless volunteers.

Vision and Mission
To encourage youth to explore entrepreneurship and self-employment through the recognition and development of their inventive, creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Marketplace for Kids believes that youth are skilled, innovative people who will continue to power a diversified, vigorous economy. Our vision is for every student to receive entrepreneurship education and encouragement to become a lifelong partner in building stronger communities.

Organizational Goals
  • To promote and cultivate youth entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • To provide entrepreneurship education and career exploration to youth with support and mentoring from business and community leaders.
  • To raise awareness of self-employment as a viable career option.
  • To assist youth in developing attributes and skills associated with entrepreneurs, including creativity, innovation, self-confidence, planning, and risk-taking.
  • To motivate youth to pursue further study, exploration, and consideration of entrepreneurship.

Innovative Learning

Project based learning encourages students to stretch their thinking in more creative, divergent ways to solve problems and create new ideas.

During our unique Education Days, students attend hands-on activities to explore career fields, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Established Model

Marketplace for Kids is a nationally recognized model.

Outreach and technical assistance is provided to teachers and students, school districts, consortium of schools, youth organizations, and associations interested in Youth Entrepreneurship. These sessions are FREE and can be scheduled in person or virtually through our office at: 1-701-242-7744 or 1-855-434-5437.


Creativity Unleashed

Students have the opportunity to create projects using collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

These projects are showcased by the students as part of our Education Days.