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Class List and Descriptions
Classes subject to change. Class selections are on a first-come, first-served basis. Class list will be available closer to the Education Day. CHECK BACK FOR DETAILS!
Class A: Main St ND

Learn HOW, WHAT, WHEN & WHY to start your own 21st Century Business in today’s technologicial world. Learn to recognize your strengths AND weaknesses and how to attract and retain the people you need to compete and suceed. 22

Class B: Safety Super Heroes!

Learn how Safety Professionals can be super heroes of the workplace. Learn how we eliminate hazards and save lives and money! (22)

Class C: Electrical Motors / Circuits

Electrical Motors: For this class we will use two 20-minute sessions to explain how electric motors work and each student will build a simple electric motor that they can take home with them. Each student will build a motor kit, and then run the motor using a battery to learn how magnetism and electricity make a motor turn. Limit of 8 Students. Electrical Circuits: is a 20 minute session where we will explain how an electic circuit works to turn on a light. Students will build a simple circuit they can take home. The project will have a battery, a switch, and a lamp they will connect with wire and be able to turn the light on and off. Limit of 8 StudentsLimited to grades 5-8. (22)

Class D: Lessons About Your Money

The more you know about how to make money, how to save money, and how to spend money, the less likely it is that you will have money problems as an adult. Do you know peole who  never seem to have enough money? If you don’t want to live that way, listen up. We have some good information to sahre with you today. Students will get the opportunity to look at and learn about foreign currency. (22)

Class E: Operation Lifesaver

Railroad Safety, trespass prevention, and how to report emergencies that occur while on or near railroad property. (22)

Class F: Exploring Careers in Virtual Reality

This class will provide students with an opportunity to become familiar with 360-degree and virtual reality media and to explore several careers through a series of virtual reality experiences. Available experiences will include careers in energy, healthcare, construction and more. Limited to 8 Students (22)

Class G: NDFSA Talks Agriculture and Farm Safety

We will take youth down the road of all things Agriculture! Including hands-on agriculture activities as well as providing some farm safety tips and teaching them about the United States Department of Agriculture. (22)

Class H: Seed Engineering

Most plants reproduce with seeds, which come in all shapes and sizes. Plants have developed ways to disperse these seeds, giving the new plant a better chance to find what it needs to grow. Students will be given a variety of art supplies to engineer their own “seed” to float in water, fly through the air, explode, or be carried by wind. Limited to 24 Students (22)

Class I: OHV Safety Class

A classroom course on safe operation of ATV’s and overview of hot weather injuries. (22)

Class J: BRIDGES 101

Bridge Building 101 explores how engineering has impacted the development of bridges over time, including innovative designs and the challenge of creating bridges that become landmarks for a city. Students work in terms of “engineers” to design and build their own bridge out of toothpicks and gumdrops. They test their bridges using weights, evaluate their results, and present their findings to the class. (22)

Class K: The Game of Life - Playing with Your Future

The Career Quest Board Game will encourage students to: practice being a smart saver, be a smart spender, learn how much education is required for different careers, and realize the choices made today will affect the future. (22)

Class L: Tools for Firefighting

Demo firefighting tools, thermal imager, bunker gear, gas monitors, and fire extinguisher demo. (22)

Class M. Hold Your Horse!

What is Equine Therapy? Who does it help? What are Equine Assisted Actvities? What is Equine? This class will teach you lessons that only a horse can teach! Of course taught by a real minature horse, Charlie and assisted by his human caretaker. Students will have hands on experience and interaction with a miniture horse. NOTE: Do not register is allergic to horses, or notify instructor to maintain a distance as this activity includes a live horse. Limit 24 Students. (22)

Class N. Money, Me, & Monopoly

This presentation will demonstrate how different transactions in a Monopoly game are recorded and how they affect the financial situation of a player. Basic accounting concepts will be incorporated into this presentation. (22)

Class O. From Garden to Market

This presentation will show students how to grow vegetables and market creative food products to sell at a farmers market or elsewhere.  (22)

Class P. Neighborhood Pet Care Service

We will present the type of services that a pet-setting business may offer. For our pet owners, we present why he/she would choose to use a pet service. We will provide some important ideas on how to select a pet service. And, what are the typical charges and fees a pet service has. (22)

Class Q. Networking and Making Friends

Learn how to make new friends and help your friends meet new people. Get ready to get up and talk to some people you might not know! (22)

Class R. Making MOOLA from Agriculture

Students will be introduced to the use of budgets to determine potential net income for an enterprise using agricultural examples. How products are sold for money, how this money is then used to pay production expenses and how the remaining is considered “profit” (net income). Exercise should provide students with an appreciation of how money is made in production agriculture using a tool that can apply to many other business endeavors. (22)

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