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Class List and Descriptions

Classes subject to change. Class selections are on a first-come, first-served basis. Class lists will be available closer to the Education Day. CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES!

Class A: Main Street ND

Learn HOW, WHAT, WHEN, & WHY to start your own 21st Century Business in today’s technological world. Learn to recognize your strengths AND weaknesses and how to attract and retain the people you need to compete and succeed.

Class B: Safety Super Heroes!

Learn how Safety Professionals can be super heroes of the workplace. Learn how we eliminate hazards and save lives and money! Limit 24 Students. (22)

Class C: Electrical Motors/Circuits

Electrical Motors For this class we will use two 20-minute sessions to explain how electric motors work and each student will build a simple electric motor that they can take home with them. Each student will build a motor kit, and then run the motor using a battery to learn how electricty make a motor turn. Grades 5 and above. Limit 8 Students. Electrial Circuits A 20 Minute session where we will explain how an electric circuit works to turn on a light. Students will build a simple circuit they can take home. The project will have a battery, a switch, and a lamp they will connect with wire and be able to turn the light on and off. Grades 5 and above. Limit 8 Students. (22)

Class D: Lessons About Your Money

The more you know about how to make money, how to save money, and how to spend money, the less likely it is that you will have money problems as an adult. Do you know people who never seem to have enough money? If you don’t want to live that way, listen up. We have some good information to share with you today. Students will get the opportunity to look at and learn about foreign currency. (22)

Class E: Social Skills Superpowers - Social Media Leteracy

Social media isn’t going anywhere. With the dawn of digital media and evolution of technological spaces, students need to become literate in navigating these spaces. This class will give kids the tools to thoughtfully engage with and proacitvely use social media. (22)


Class F: Exploring Careers in Virtual Reality

This class will provide students with an opportunity to become familiar with 360-degree and virtual reality media and to expose several careers through a series of virtual reality experiences. Available experiences will include careers in energy, healthcare, construction and more. Limit 8 Students. (22)

Class G: Making Light

Presenters describe the movement of electrons, and how electricity is created; then with handouts describes how a switch, fuse, and light work. Presenters distribute batteries, and lighting apparatus to groups of students. Students are then instructed how to connect a small, basic circuit to conduct electricity from the battery to make the light work. Limit 24 Students.


Class H: DIY Circuit Breadboard

For this class we will use two double sessions (50 minutes each) and one 25-minute session.

Come learn and explore circuit builds and the basics of electricity flow through circuits. In this session we will familiarize students with circuitry components like photoresistors, push buttons, batteries, LEDs, capacitors, and breadboards. Each build increases in complexity, and all components are reusable so that builds may be disassembled and recreated!  Limit 16 Students. (22)

Class I: OHV Safety Class

A classroom course on safe operation of ATV’s and overview of hot weather injuiries. Limit 24 Students. (22)

Class J: Careers on Wheels (COW)

Students will get to see the vehicles that make their town work and keep them safe.  (22)

Class K: Send Secret Codes with Mathmatics

Overview of the theory of coding and transformations. We will look at how text messages are encrypted, sent, and decoded. We will decipher some secret messages and unlock secret pictures. The class will also cover how to encode your own messages, send them to friends, and decode them. Student Limited to 16. (22)


Class L: . It’s a Park Rangers Life

What is a State Park Ranger up to throughout the year? Many different aspects can dictate what a ranger does on a daily basis: snow, wind, rain, or sun; come find out how rangers have fun! Limited 16 Students. (22)

Class M: Knots to Know

7 Essential Knots every Boy or Girl should Know. We provide the string. (22)

Class N: Keva Planks

Children will work together to build structures with our Keva planks. (22)

Class O: Introduction to the Field of Massage Therapy

Experience different aspects of massage therapy while spending time in various activities – muscles, bones, hot stones, cupping, seated massage, essential oils, paraffin wax, oh my! Limit 20 Students. (22)

Class P: Radio-How it has Changed with Digital & Facebook

Overview of how sales has had to adapt to adding digital and Facebook to their presentations to businesses and how that affects their budgets. (22)

Class Q: Exploring Landfill Operations and Recyclable Materials

Discussion of how a landfill operates, trending numbers for the local landfill, and what materials we recycle. How we can improve the recycling program within the City of Williston? How can you make a difference in your landfill! (22)

Class R: Virtual Reality

Experience VR by going on a virtual safari using PS4 VR. Limit 16 Students. (22)

Class S: Take Charge of Your Electrical Safety

Power Town – A high voltage demonstration model that shows contact hazards with overhead and underground services. Hands on with Van De Graff static electricity ball and plasma ball. (22)

Class T: Bend and Breathe

A yoga class for youth designed to get you moving, breathing, and feeling better in your body and mind. This class will focus on basic yoga poses, partner poses, strength building poses and learning skills for self-calming and stress relief. The goal of this class is to develop strong bodies and minds while learning to release tension and relax to help keep the spirit bright. Limit 30 Students. (22)

Class U: Let's Move!

Join the WPRD Rec Department for some movement and games. Obstacle course, tag and who knows what else!! Burn off some energy and have some fun!! Limit 40 Students. (22)

Class V: How to Earn Money by Working

Through interactive activities, students will learn about jobs that they may never know existed! This class encourages students to “think outside the box” when planning for their future careers. (22)

Class W: Hip Hop Dance Class

Whether you are looking to get some exercise, or just have a lot of fun, Kay Michael Lee Studio will show you today’s best hip hop moves.  (22)

Class X: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operations

Demonstrations in real-world UAV use. Working on some basic use activities for the kids to participate in. (22)

Class Y: Isolating DNA from Strawberries

Learn how to isolate DNA from strawberries. Limit 16 Students. (22)

Class Z: Electrical Keychains

Make a keychain out of wire and connectors. Limit 24 Students. (22)

Class AA: Power Plant Puzzle

Students will pair up in a team building exercise that utilizes their mechanical skills. They assemble nuts, bolts, linkage, and PVC into a replica of an original puzzle. Limit 30 Students. (22)

Class BB: Building Our Bees and Bugs!

We will learn about who our pollinators are, why our pollinators are so important, and we’ll build a pollinator habitat! Limit 24 Students. (22)

Class CC: Your Choices Matter

Teach about how to deal and handle peer pressure. Talk about communication and why it’s important when dealing with peer pressure. Activity to show how to communicate to unwind. (22)

Class DD: Beekeeping Basics with Oh Honey! Apiary

This session will give classes a crash course in North Dakota’s favorite pollinator, the Honeybee! We will discuss the different jobs Honeybees do, how pollination works, and how bees make honey! The class will learn what a beekeeper does, how to become one and what they can do to help bee conservation! With luck, each participant will walk away with a better understanding and a little less fear of our friend, the bee. (22)

Class EE: Chip Game

We will play the Chip Game with students. Teams of four will work with a representative from the City of Williston to identify future land uses for property at Williston Square. Students will be able to plan their own community with game pieces representing restaurants, retailers, schools, health care and much more! Limited to 24 Students. (22)

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