Region 5F - Fargo

April 11-12, 2022


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March 1, 2022

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March 1, 2022

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March 25, 2022

Class List and Descriptions

Opening Ceremony

Color Guard with Flag presentation, National Anthem Singer (Please stand, remove headgear, place right hand over heart), Welcome Speaker(s).

Class A: Electrical Keychains

Making Electrical Keychains and Tractor Spools

Class B: Power Plant Puzzle

Students assemble nuts, bolts, linkage, and PVC into a replica of an original puzzle.

Class C: Discover Land Surveying

Discover different types of land surveying - Property, Topography, Instruments and Technology.

Class E: Electrical Circuits

Learning how an electrical circuit works to turn on a light.

Class F: Recycling and E-Waste

How is recycling and disposal of e-waste a thriving worldwide business with positive long-term prospects.

Class G: Think Like a Rocket Scientist

Students will think creatively about how to develop a product or service and become their own boss.

Class H: Lessons About Your Money

Learn how to make good decisions with your money - Including how to spend, save, and earn money.

Class I: Lemonade Stand Challenge

Learn about starting your own lemonade stand.

Class J: Pet Sitting

Learn about starting a pet sitting business.

Class K: Turning Passion into Business

Learn how the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park inspired the start of a new business and non-profit.

Class L: What a Firefighter Does

Learn about the daily jobs and tools of firefighters.

Class M: Team Building and Effective Communication

Learn about leadership, the importance of safety, listening, giving and receiving directions.

Class N: The Secret Stories Within Trees

Learn how to read cookie trees and what they can tell us.

Class O: Hip Hop Dance Class

Come join the Kay Michael Lee studio for some fun ways to put your hip hop dance moves to the test!

Class P: What is an Entrepreneur? And How to Become One!

Learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur!

Class Q: Police Officer - From Start to Finish

Learn how to become a police officer!

Class R: Microsoft as a Career Choice

Learn about Microsoft as a company and the career choices it offers.

Class S: Learn About the ND Legislature

Learn about the North Dakota legislature and how bills are passed.

Class T: How do Plants Grow?

Learn how plants grow!

Class U: Movement Blast

Learn about strength and conditioning for a healthy body.

Class V: Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygienist as a career option.

Advisory Leadership Team

Mary Haugo


David Kahl, Sr.


Dirk Monson


Kelly Donahue


Sandi Piatz


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