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Virtual Education Days


July 27, 2022

Hello Everyone! Marketplace for Kids has implemented a Virtual Education Day format to reach students and teachers in regions and schools that are unable to attend our In-Person Education Days due to distance/travel restrictions. 

This new version will consist of 20-25 minute class videos that students are able to watch at school or home while continuing to offer the same educational program of classes, presenters, and hands-on learning in a reimagined environment.

Educators with Students presenting Projects via recorded video will be reimbursed from the state per project.

These Virtual Education Days will be available to any students that cannot attend due to “a health reason or quarantine restrictions” as well! Please call our office to request access for these students.

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University of Marketplace for Kids
Professional Development Credit
Virtual Course


November 10, 2020

Hello Everyone! MFK will be offering an ONLINE COURSE for Educators and others who are interested in learning more about Marketplace for Kids and the innovation opportunities it provides for students.

This course will provide a background of the MFK Program as well as an overview of the resources, activities and teaching strategies that Educators can utilize and integrate into their curriculum.

Marketplace for Kids will reimburse the cost of 1 Semester Hour up to $55/credit upon completion of the course.

Course offered through the following ND Universities:

Mayville State University
Course to tentatively begin October 1 annually.

Please continue to visit our website for ANY updates we may have!

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