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MAY 17, 2022



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March 29, 2022

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Classes subject to change as we continue to add classes. Class selections are on a first-come, first-served basis.


Class A: Electrical Keychains

Making Electrical Keychains and Spool Tractors.

Class B: Power Plant Puzzle
Class C: Discover Land Surveying
Discuss Different Types of Surveying – Property, Topography, Instruments and Technology.
Class D: Careers in Astronomy

Join an Astronomer to Learn About the Various Careers Available for Those Who Love the Stars.

Find Out What Astronomers Study and Advice On How to Become an Astronomer.

Class E: Electrical Circuits

Learning How an Electric Circuit Works to Turn on a Light.

Class F: Recycling and E-Waste

Overview of How Recycling and the Disposal of E-Waste is a Thriving Business with Positive Long-Term Prospects.

Class G: Think Like a Rocket Scientist - Harness Your Creativity into a Business

Learn How to Apply the Principles of Ozan Varol’s “Think Like a Rocket Scientist” Book Towards Venture Creation.

Students Will Think Creatively About How to Develop a Product or Service and Become Their Own Boss.

Class H: Lessons About Your Money

Learn How to Make Good Decisions with Your Money – Including How to Spend, Save and Earn Money.

Class I: When Life Gives You Lemons, Open a Lemonade Stand

Learn About the How-To’s On Starting Your Own Lemonade Stand – Everything From Building or Purchasing a Stand to the Supplies Needed.

Class J: Pet Sitting

Learn About the How-To’s On Starting a Pet Sitting Business.

Class K: Turning Your Passion into Business

Learn How the Wild Horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park Inspired the Start of a New Business and Non-Profit.

Class L: What a Firefighter Does

Learn About the Daily Jobs and Tools of Firefighters.

Class M: Team Building and Effective Communication
Learn About Leadership, the Importance of Safety, Listening, Giving and Receiving Directions.
Class N: The Secret Stories Within Trees

Learn How to Read Cookie Trees and What They Can Tell Us.

Class O: Hip Hop Dance

Come Join the Kay Michael Lee Studio for Some Fun Ways to Put Your Hip Hop Dance Moves to the Test!

Class P: What is an Entrepreneur? And How to Become One!

Learn What it Takes to Become an Entrepreneur!

Class Q: Police Officer - From Start to Finish

Learn the Various Ways to Become a Police Officer and Different Career Options within Law Enforcement.

Class R: Microsoft as a Career Choice

Learn About Microsoft as a Company and the Career Choices It Offers!

Class S: Learn About the North Dakota Legislature

Learn About the North Dakota Legislature and How a Bill is Passed.

Class T: How Do Plants Grow?

Learn How Plants Grow! 

Class U: Movement Blast

Learn About Strength and Conditioning for a Healthy Body!

Class V: Dental Hygiene

Learn About Dental Hygienist as a Career Option!

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