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Class List and Descriptions
Class A: Main St ND

Learn HOW, WHAT, WHEN, & WHY to start your own 21st Century Business in today’s technological world. Learn to recognize your strengths AND weaknesses and how to attract and retain the people you need to compete and succeed. (22)

Class B: Safety Super Heroes!

Learn how Safety Professionals can be super heroes of the workplace. Learn how we eliminate hazards and save lives and money! Limit 24 Students. (22)

Class C: Electrical Motors and Circuits

Electrial Motos: For this class we will use two 20-minute sessions to explain how electric motors work and each student will build a simple electric motor that they can take home with them. Each student will build a motor kit, and then run the motor using a battery to learn how electricty make a motor turn. Grades 5 and above. Limit 8 Students.

Electrial Circuits: A 20 Minute session where we will explain how an electric circuit works to turn on a light. Students will build a simple circuit they can take home. The project will have a battery, a switch, and a lamp they will connect with wire and be able to turn the light on and off. Grades 5 and above. Limit 8 Students. (22)

Class D: Lessons About Your Money

The more you know about how to make money, how to save money, and how to spend money, the less likely it is that you will have money problems as an adult. Do you know people who never seem to have enough money? If you don’t want to live that way, listen up. We have some good information to share with you today. Students will get the opportunity to look at and learn about foreign currency. (22)

Class E: Cake & Cookie Decorating

We will have an overiew on making and decorating cakes and cookies. (22)

Class F: Exploring Careers in Virtual Reality

This class will provide students with an opportunity to become familiar with 360-degree and virtual reality media and to expose several careers through a series of virtual reality experiences. Available experiences will include careers in energy, healthcare, construction and more. Limit 8 Students. (22)

Class H: See Engineering

Most plants reproduce with seeds, which come in all shapes and sizes. Plants have deveolped ways to disperse these seeds, giving the new plant a better chance to find what it needs to grow. Students will be given a variety of art supplies to engineer their own “seed” to float in water, fly through the air, explode, or be carried by wind. Limit 24 Students. (22)

Class I: OHV Safety Class

A classroom course on safe operation of ATV’s and overview of hot weather injuries. (22)

Class J: Japanese Language and Culture

Introduce Japanese language and culture. (22)

Class K: Create Your Own Electrical Circuit!

We’ll work with some cool components to create our own electrical circuits! You’ll get to use a metallic pen (instead of wire!) to draw out your own electrical circuit to power on a light, fan, or other device. Limit 16 Students. (22)

Class L: DIY Circuit Breadboard

Come learn and explore circuit builds and the basics of electricity flow through circuits. In this session we will familiarize students with circuitry components like photoresistors, push buttons, batteries, LED’s, capacitors, and breadboards. Each build increases in complexity, and all compenents are reusable so that builds may be disassembled and recreated! Limit 16 Students. (22)

Class M: Careers on Wheels

Students will get to see the vehicles that make their town work and keep them safe. (22)

Class N: Virtual Reality

Experience Virtual Reality by going on a virtual Safari using PS4 VR. (22)

Class O: Tools of the Trade

Build a Toolbox to take home. Limit 16 Students. (22)

Class P: Nascar

Students will have a chance to participate in a timed race that involves mounting a tire on a car. (22)

Class Q: Save a Life!

Operation! Human Anatomy notes, facts and discussion. Game – Save a Life! Hands-only CPR plus more. Limit 8 Students. (22)

Class R: Soils

Sand hands on exercise. Silt hands on exercise. Clay hands on exercise. (22)

Class S: Automotive Painting

Students will spray a panel using latex paint. Limit 8 Students. (22)

Class T: Be the Best Babysitter on the Block

Come and explore a variety of hands-on activities that you can do with kids when you are babysitting. They will think you are the best babysitter ever!

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