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Class List and Descriptions
Classes subject to change. Class selections are on a first-come, first-served basis. Class lists will be available closer to the Education Day. CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES!
Class A: Main Street ND

Learn HOW, WHAT, WHEN, & WHY to start your own 21st Century Business in today’s technological world. Learn to recognize your strengths AND weaknesses and how to attract and retain the people you need to compete and succeed. (22)

Class B: A "Breakout" from Traditional Roles!

Feeding a growing world is one of the most vital future needs for all of us! In this session, students will have fun “breaking out” of lock boxes while learning about many career paths that are available to them and how these jobs relate to agriculture and feeding the world. Come and be challenged! Limit 24 Students. (22)

Class C: CareerViewXR

Come and explore high-demand trade careers through immersive digital experiences that allow people to explore careers and communites virtually. Limit 8 Students. (22)

Class D: DIY Breadboard Circuits

Come learn and explore circuit builds and the basics of electricity flow through circuits. In this session, students will become familiar with circuitry components like photoresistors, push buttons, batteries, LED’s, capacitors, and breadboards. Each build increases in complexity, and all components are reusable so that builds may be disassembled and recreated! Two 50-minute sessions and one 25- minute class. Limited 16 Students. (22)

Class E: Hidden Images

Sometimes we get stuck on a problem because we only look at it from a single perspective. This class is all about changing up that perspective and using problem solving skills. Students will explore using their imagination and creative thinking skills to find multiple solutions to a single problem. They will get to create a small piece of art that they can take home with them! (22)

Class F: Knot to Know

Knot-Tying has long been a part of Scouting program – for good reasons. It promotes discipline and focus, and it teaches useful skills that can be used immediately. Most people can tie just one knot (the “overhand knot”); many Scouts know more than a dozen. Come learn some of the 11 essential knots. (22)

Class G: Let the World Surround You

Learn about animals from around the world thru touch and inspiring bio facts. (22)


Class H: How Can Workplace Hazards Be Controlled?

We will look at safety hazards in the workplace and learn about different ways to make workplaces safer. Limit 24 Students. Limit 24 Students. (22)

Class I: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Welcome to the world of problem solving and profits. In a fast 25 minutes you will learn how to create new products like an entrepreneur. Students will participate in a hands-on, upcycle project to learn how to solve problems with creativity. Bonus, they can take home their own project! Limit 16 Students. (22)

Class J: Motion Commotion

Motion Commotion is an experiment that investigates the physical and human factors of motion using toy cars to simulate a speeding car collision and distracted driving. Limited to 24 Students. (22)

Class K: Money Does Grow on Trees!

Wood, paper, heating, buildings, musical instruments, crafts, toys, nuts, fruits, and even mushrooms! “Wood” you believe it comes from a tree? Many jobs rely on forestry, and selling “speciality forest products” could be an opportunity to start your own business to earn extra money. (22)

Class L: Lessons About Money

The more you know about how to make money, how to save money, and how to spend money, the less likely it is that you will have money problems as an adult. Do you know people who never seem to have enough money? If you don’t want to live that way, listen up. We have some good information to share with you today. Students will get the opportunity to look at and learn about foreign currency. (22)

Class M: Intro To Reptiles

Reptile and Exotic Animal Rescue. (22)

Class N: Intro to Hydroponics

Discuss traditional growing methods versus Hydroponics. Clones will be ready in the cloner and students will plant their own tomato plant. (22)

Class O: Operation LifeSaver

Railroad Safety, trespass prevention, and how to report emergencies that occur while on or near railroad property. (22)

Class P: The Red River Cart in Early Trade

Classroom presentation and discussion. Cart  Construction, trade items and routes traveled. (22)


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