Mission, Goals, Values, and Vision


Marketplace for Kids believes that youth are skilled, innovative people who will continue to power a diversified, vigorous economy. Our vision is for every student to receive entrepreneurship education and encouragement to become a lifelong partner in building stronger communities.


  • To promote and cultivate youth entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • To provide entrepreneurship education and career exploration to youth with support and mentoring from business and community leaders.
  • To encourage youth to develop their own innovative project and showcase their project at an Education Day.
  • To engage youth in learning about practicing innovation.
  • To raise awareness of self-employment as a viable career option.
  • To assist youth in developing attributes and skills associated with entrepreneurs, including creativity, innovation, self-confidence, planning, and risk-taking.
  • To motivate youth to pursue further study, exploration, and consideration of entrepreneurship.


To encourage youth to explore entrepreneurship and self-employment through the recognition and development of their inventive, creative thinking and problem-solving skills.


  • Respect - The inherent worth, well-being and dignity of all people.
  • Diversity - Understanding and celebrating the social and economic value of cultural diversity.
  • Stewardship - Sustainable care of all resources for the good of this and future generations.
  • Community - The coming together of people committed to work for their common betterment through the development of their highest skills and fullest potential.
  • Integrity - The adherence to moral and ethical principles that promote soundness of moral character and honesty.