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Please join us Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 for your Marketplace for Kids Education Day. New class offerings are all recommendations from your students.

This year, we are processing registrations as they come in and will be mailing the registrations as soon as they are processed.

See you May 10th! Thank you                     


General Schedule for Your Education Day

A personalized schedule for each student will be printed on their name badge.
This schedule is subject to change.

9:30 a.m.       Board Busses for James Valley Career and Technology Center (Scheduled Students Only)

9:30 a.m.       Opening Rally

10:00 a.m.    All Students Attend Class

10:35 a.m.    All Students Attend Class

11:10 a.m.    All Students Attend Class                                                                                                           

11:35 a.m.    Students attending classes at JV Career and Tech  Center return by bus to Civic Center

11:35 a.m.    Eat Lunch and Hall of Great Ideas Showcase

12:10 p.m.   Board Busses for JV Career and Technology Center (Scheduled Students Only)

12:30 p.m.   All Students Attend Classes

1:05 p.m.     All Students Attend Classes

1:30 p.m.     Students attending classes at JV Career and Tech Center return by bus to Civic Center.

1:40 p.m.     Closing Rally

CLASS LIST AND DESCRIPTION                                                       

Class A:

See Tracks? Think Train!

Nearly every three hours, someone is struck by a train in the U.S. During this presentation, students will learn the skills they need to safely walk, bike, skate or ride near the railroad tracks. Students will also learn where it’s safe to play, where it’s not, and what they need to do when they get to a crossing.17

Class B: WIRED: Using Tools to Make Keychains.

Students use tools that electricians and plumbers use every day to make cool keychains.17

Class C:

Power Plant Puzzle.

Can your two-person team build the puzzle with nuts, bolts, linkage and steel? Bring your mechanical skills and teammate to the challenge. This class is limited to a capacity of 30 students per session, per presenter request.17

Class D:

Experiments With Electricity!

In this class, you will hook up various electrical devices and make them work. 17

Class E:

Lessons About Money.

A presentation that introduces students to financial concepts such as making money, choosing a job, saving money, the concept of interest, wants vs. needs and other relevant topics.17

Class F:

Cybersecurity 101

Many of the things we do online everyday – shop, chat with our friends, really anything – we put ourselves at risk of cybercrime. Luckily, there are simple steps we can take to protect our digital lives. Join us as we look at look at a variety of activities to keep user safe with a password cracking challenge, social engineering challenge and network cyber battles. 17

Class G:

The Job Of A A Police Officer.

This class will explain the role a police officer plays in the community. Not only are police officers there to protect citizens, but also to help them and be strong role models. 17

Class H:

What Wetlands Do!

What Wetlands Do will play a Family Feud style game to learn why wetlands are so important. We will look at tools used by scientists to study wetlands including robots. Finally, we will practice being wetland scientists with our own in class experiment.17

Class I:

The Benefits Of Trees.

In this class you will learn how a city maintains trees, conserves energy, saves water, and provides food to many critters. You will also learn about an exciting program for you and your family to consider – Partners in Planting Trees.17

Class J:

Ow! Bones, Breaks & Bandaging   

Students will learn hands on skills for broken bones and injuries. 17

Class K:

Plants & Soil

Participants will do hands on soil study and work with seed or transplants for a take home project. This class is limited to a capacity of 16 students per session, per presenter request.17


Class L:


Medical Mania

Students will get to test their taste buds, the brain is a puzzle, save a life, heart sounds, allergy alert, and germ busters. This class is limited to a capacity of 16 students per session, per presenter request.17


Class M:


Be The Best Babysitter On The Block

Be the babysitter everyone in the neighborhood wants to hire. By attending this session you will rotate to three stations and do hands on activities with preschool aged children. Students will learn fun activities they can do with children using basic household items. This class is limited to a capacity of 16 students per session, per presenter request.17


Class N:


Construction Fasteners

We will be using both nails and screws to build a tool box. In this demonstration, we will teach you the benefit of nails rather than screws and how they are utilized in the construction industry. This class is limited to a capacity of 16 students per session, per presenter request.17


Class O:



Students in this class will get to do hands on rotating tires on the car. This class is limited to a capacity of 16 students per session, per presenter request.17


Class P:

Auto Collision Spray Painting

The students will learn to apply paint to metal panels, through the spraying of automotive paint. This class is limited to a capacity of 16 students per session, per presenter request.17

REGISTRATION FORMS                                                                   

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Jamestown Class Descriptions                      Jamestown Class Descriptions
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Printed Materials:
To order printed copies of the tools, please contact Bob Heitkamp by email at robert.heitkamp@marketplacend.org or call 1-855-434-KIDS (5437)